What are Mopar® Parts and Why Are They Better?

Do you need a replacement part or want to add an accessory to your vehicle? In either case, you can order Mopar® parts from our Dodge parts center. Let’s review the basics of Mopar® parts and why they’re superior to alternatives.


A Look at Mopar® Parts

OEM is shorthand for original equipment manufacturer parts. Mopar® parts are OEM parts manufactured specifically for the new vehicles we sell and lease at our Houston, TX Dodge dealership. OEM parts are also available for older models that bear the names of the carmakers we proudly represent.

Reasons Mopar® Parts Are the Superior Choice

OEM parts are always the better pick over aftermarket components. Mopar® parts are made for specific makes and models while aftermarket components are typically one-size-fits-all. Since they’re more generic, aftermarket parts may damage the surrounding components in your car if they don’t fit correctly. 

On the other hand, Mopar® parts are meant to be exact replicas of the components they’ll replace. These parts are manufactured using the same exacting standards employed to manufacture the new Dodge models on our lot. 

When you bring your vehicle to our Dodge service center, you can rest assured that we’ll only use OEM parts when we perform routine maintenance or repairs. That’s great news because Mopar® parts are covered by a factory-backed warranty, a coverage that’s not usually available for aftermarket options.

Warranty coverage for Mopar® parts is 24 months with unlimited miles. The coverage starts on the date of purchase if you buy Mopar® parts from an authorized dealer and install the components yourself. If you’re going to have OEM parts installed in our Dodge service center, the warranty will begin the day the parts are installed.

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Now that you know what Mopar® parts are and why they’re the better choice over aftermarket components, it’s time to shop for OEM parts at Helfman Dodge Chrysler Jeep® RAM FIAT today. Don’t forget to ask about our current Dodge specials for parts and service!